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Cape High Book 12 is out!





This is the part where I introduce myself. My name is Justin Gregory, better known as just Justin. I am seventeen years old, and I was a famous teen idol for a while before I lost control of my powers in the middle of a concert. That got me landed in a school for teenage supers, called Cape High. I was moved into a dorm full of kids that were previously stuck in glass rooms like displays for anywhere from a few months to a year. They have issues. I’ve spent the last, what, half a year? Living with them. It took me nearly that long to become reluctantly accepted by half of them–Freddy is one of the ones still on the fence. At least Ward isn’t on my team, Ward HATES me.

Now that bit is pretty common knowledge in the Cape High crowd. It’s the rest of my story that I’ve been keeping to myself. See, I’m from the Sonic Family Line, which is from the West Branch. My mother died when I was five–she was a norm. My father died when I was twelve, his name was Sonic Scream. I’m a super orphan, tossed into a foster family for all of a year before I skipped out on my foster mother and became a professional singer. I haven’t spoken to her since. The problem with that? Her name is Negatia, and she’s the West Branch Hall Leader.

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