And now, another episode of “Throwing the Gun,” and only a week after the last one.

Well, sort of. It’s not quite another episode. It’s an interview. Normally we have multiple segments in our episodes, but this has only one. Also, we don’t have the whole group. Here’s what happened: Chris arranged the interview and I joined in because I wanted to be part of it. By the time we were done, it was three hours long.

When you think about our normal episodes, that’s enough for two.

Fortunately, there was stuff that Chris could cut and so it’s now about half that.

Having successfully buried the lead, I should tell you that we interviewed Eric Burns-White. Eric’s done a number of things that you might know him for. He was one of the first webcomic critics. He was also one of the writers of Superguy, one of the first attempts at online superhero fiction. Also, he published original fiction on his website starting around 2007.

Among the fiction published there was a piece called Interviewing Leather, one of the stories responsible for giving me the idea of releasing my own fiction online.

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