I finally bit the bullet: I saw Deadpool #TriggerWarning

//I finally bit the bullet: I saw Deadpool #TriggerWarning

I finally bit the bullet: I saw Deadpool #TriggerWarning

Deadpool…People are really on the fence about this movie, the comics, the character in general…OMG.Ryan-Reynolds-shows-off-assets-in-latest-Deadpool-movie-poster

I must admit, on the outset, I’m just not a fan of the standard definition of crude humor. Stick with me, here for a moment.

So you might be asking yourself, “If she knew she wouldn’t like it, why would she go, and why should I care one iota what she has to say?”

Well, Deadpool knocked my socks off. It was really, honestly a good time. I do recommend it, but not without explanation, and as most things deadpool, not without warning.

As I started this off, crude humor isn’t my thing, but not because a fair of mess of it isn’t funny. It is because crude can easily turn into (trigger warning) “inappropriate” humor. Before you jump on me like the last chimichanga in the apocalypse, let me explain what I mean.

Crude humor can be anything from elementary school fart jokes to adult sex jokes, but for me there is a line. One that I am SO GLAD to say Deadpool did not cross. Although if the character knew I had a line to be crossed he might have taken a swing at it. What is my line? Rape/Molestation no matter the gender involved.





NO>>> REALLY>>> SPOILERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>







There are moments in the movie that hit on this subject, but since the general tone is critical of rapists and molesters, not applauding or condoning, I didn’t get that red-flag feeling. Don’t get me wrong, this movie isn’t for the easily or perpetually offended………..no……not even a little bit.

  1. Negasonic Teenage Warhead (NTW) uses her powers to take out Angel Dust. Deadpool says, “I’d hate to be the guy that pressures her into prom sex”
  1. Wade and Vanessa are always comparing their lives to each other. Wade confides he had been molested by his uncle and Vanessa counters that she had been molested several uncles.
    This one is make my Spidey Sense tingle, but the scene is canon, and they move right on.CYesrpnUkAE1eVl
  1. Wade is approached in the bar by a man who is recruiting for an off-books cancer treatment. Wade snipes—that the dude looks like someone who would lure children into a van, and then he warns him to leave because a school was nearby.

Overall? I enjoyed Deadpool, and it honestly surprised me by being a ROMANCE flick at heart. (pun absolutely intended). The film was well done. I loved the action and drama. Deadpool/Wade was a believable character whom I rooted for and felt his heartbreak and pain. The actors were spot on and I would ABSOLUTELY pay to see a sequel.

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