Origins of a Reluctant Writer

//Origins of a Reluctant Writer

Origins of a Reluctant Writer

Have you ever had a thought that would not leave you alone for months? That’s how Portal started. It would wake me up at 3 a.m. and before I could go back to sleep, I had to plot out another story arc.  I’ve had many story ideas over the years, everything from classic Sci-Fi to historical fantasy, but once I had the idea of superpowers using physical laws to produce greater possibilities and destruction, it would not stop buzzing my brain until I wrote it down and outlined the story.

When I was teenager, I did not enjoy writing. I was a math geek and focused most of my energy on Calculus and sports. I did very well in German and learned more about grammar in that class than I did in English. I enjoyed drawing and even have some my earliest pencil drawings. Two of the images came from the original D&D red box set. The other was from the front cover of the PC game, Battlechess.

I’ve always had the creative bug but I never pursued it. When I worked on a major fan website for years, I helped hundreds of people learn how to do special-effects on a home computer. I never wanted a career in Hollywood but I did create a demo trailer. I was always more interested in computers and adult learning than creative arts. After I appeared in a national newspaper article about the website, my boss realized I could do a lot more than help people on the phone. I was moved to the training department as a multimedia specialist. I was asked to do everything from project managing to graphic design to programming. It was the best job in the world.

I still do that job for a different company and bigger clients. My experiences on those project have helped me create the comic covers and website backgrounds for Portal. I’m fortunate that my paying job does not stray very far from my hobby life. I enjoy taking an idea to a finished product. That is what drives me in The Enhanced Series. All I’m doing is filling in the details.

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About the Author:

Jeff is a multimedia specialist and a serial writer on his website, The Pen in the Stone.

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