Now on preorder: Just Cause Universe book 8!

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Now on preorder: Just Cause Universe book 8!

*reprinted with permission from Local Hero Press

It’s called The Lion and the Five Deadly Serpents and it is an homage to the kung fu movies of the ’70s and ’80s. It stars Lionheart, whom we first met in the pages of Day of the Destroyer. Author Ian Thomas Healy digs deeper into the character, describing his struggles to honor his old master’s final wishes while trying to fit into a culture as alien as any he has experienced.

Just Cause Universe book 8, The Lion and the Five Deadly Serpents, Ian Thomas HealyMan. Lion. Warrior.

Enigmatic superhero Lionheart was always cut from a different cloth than his teammates on Just Cause, so when he learns his old kung fu teacher, Master Chou, is dying, he doesn’t hesitate to travel halfway around the world to pay his final respects to the man who saved his life and set him off upon his heroic journey. Upon arrival, he discovers his old master has been murdered, and quickly becomes embroiled in a battle for the honor of his master’s Cherrywood School against one of the most dangerous heroin cartels in Hong Kong: the Five Deadly Serpents. His only allies are Master Chou’s two children: Qiao, the seething warrior determined to avenge his father’s death, and Lihua, the lovely and dangerous fighter who steals the lion’s heart.

They’re outnumbered, outgunned, and the Five Deadly Serpents have numerous parahumans within their ranks. Lionheart, Qiao, and Lihua only have their training, their wits, and each other. Only time and blood will tell if the three warriors can save the Cherrywood School from the many-headed serpent of the Triad.

The Lion and the Five Deadly Serpents releases worldwide on October 27, 2015, and can be preordered for Kindle here and for all ereaders here.

Oilman's-Daughter-CoverAnd don’t forget, The Oilman’s Daughter by Allison M. Dickson and Ian Thomas Healy releases this coming Tuesday. Get it here and be the first kid on your block to have one!

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About the Author:

Ian Thomas Healy is a prolific writer who dabbles in many different speculative genres. He’s a ten-time participant and winner of National Novel Writing Month where he’s tackled such diverse subjects as sentient alien farts, competitive forklift racing, a religion-powered rabbit-themed superhero, cyberpunk mercenaries, cowboy elves, and an unlikely combination of vampires with minor league hockey. His popular superhero fiction series, the Just Cause Universe, is ever-expanding, as is his western fantasy epic The Pariah of Verigo. He is also the creator of the Writing Better Action Through Cinematic Techniques workshop, which helps writers to improve their action scenes.Ian also created the longest-running superhero webcomic done in LEGO, The Adventures of the S-Team, which ran from 2006-2012.When not writing, which is rare, he enjoys watching hockey, reading comic books (and serious books, too), and living in the great state of Colorado, which he shares with his wife, children, house-pets, and approximately five million other people. Check out his exclusive publishing imprint, Local Hero Press.

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