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PCS Member Recognition – Christopher B. Wright



With the conclusion of our 4th episode of the Throwing the Gun podcast now up on the website, I wanted to take a moment to shout out to PCS member Christopher Wright for being the superhero of podcasting. Chris records, edits, and uploads our monthly ramblings (ramblings of which go on for much longer than the edited version that’s presented to you) and we REALLY appreciate his hard work. *throws confetti and cookies*

He’s the author of the Curveball series, plus tons more stuff (including podcasts!). Find it all on his website. Here’s a little more about Chris – AKA – BE SURE TO CHECK OUT HIS WORK, PEOPLE.

cbw_400x400Writer, former musician, occasional cartoonist, and noted authority on his own opinions, Christopher B. Wright started Curveball in 2012 because he wanted to publish a comic book but couldn’t actually draw. He decided the best thing for everyone was to publish fiction instead, but put it in a comic book-like format because he just couldn’t let it go. Thus was the birth of his “prose comic:” superhero prose packaged like a comic book, published monthly.

Well, published monthly in theory.

Along with this long-term superhero fiction project, Wright publishes other serialized fiction on his website, Eviscerati.Org, along with his web comics which have been around since 1996. These projects, combined with an interest inpodcasting, are obviously the groundwork for his eventually attempt to take over the world. This is only natural, since he is a self-described supervillain.

Read his FREE webserial on his website here: https://www.eviscerati.org/



-Cheyanne & your fellow PCS Officers


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