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The Good Fight 4: Homefront

What supers do when they're off the clock. The next Pen & Cape Society anthology comes out on May 1, 2018. Our first anthology's theme was about heroes, the second about villains, and the third about sidekicks. The fourth anthology is about what heroes do when the world isn't in danger (at least [...]

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The Good Fight 3: Sidekicks

I'm here to make public the cover and announce the release of the third anthology of the Pen & Cape Society. The Good Fight: Sidekicks will probably come out in March. The exact date remains to be seen. In the meantime, here's the cover (by PCS's own Scott Story): An anthology Of superpowered fiction. [...]

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The Villain’s Sidekick For Free

Full disclosure: I'm about to have one of those milestone birthdays this month, where I find myself a lot older than the younger version of me ever thought I'd live to be. So in honor of that, I guess, I'm offering a couple of my books free this month over on Amazon, beginning with the [...]

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Helping Hud

James Hudnall inspired so much of what I am currently doing as a writer. His Alpha Flight that made me look at super-teams differently than anything Avengers or Justice League gave me. His Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography showed me even the oldest comic characters could be reinvented in compelling ways. His ESPers helped me realize [...]


Reprinted from with permission. Local Hero Press, LLC in conjunction with the Pen & Cape Society is pleased to announce the publication of The Good Fight 2: Villains, the next ebook in the series of anthologies featuring stories from some of the premiere authors working in the superhero fiction genre. All proceeds from the [...]

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The Good Fight 2 – Villains is available now!

The second anthology from the authors of the Pen & Cape Society contains eleven all-new tales from the wrong side of the law. The proceeds of this collection will benefit long-time comic book author James Hudnall, who has fallen upon hard times, losing a foot to diabetes and becoming homeless. Bad things can happen to [...]

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The shouting after the rest is over

Having completed the successful launch of my first anthology, The Good Fight, I thought it would be appropriate to take a post to review the process. Things I Did: Publishing other writers is a dangerous occupation, not for the faint of heart. There are contracts. Payments (in some cases). Negotiations. Back-room deals. You have to [...]

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