Cover Reveal – Super: Discipline

Hey, Everyone! I'm really excited about the cover for the fourth book in my series, so I wanted to share it with you here. And since I've had such a crazy year, this book is now already available for sale on Amazon, here. Book summary is: Lex and her friends receive a warning of things [...]

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Cover Reveal – Super: Exile

Hey, everyone! I am super excited to do a reveal of the cover art for my latest book, Super: Exile, the third in the Super: Series. I think my artist outdid herself this time, and it's gorgeous. This book is scheduled to be available for sale in mid-December 2016, and I can't wait to see [...]

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Leap Day Release Day: New HandCannon Story; Goodreads Giveaway; Villain’s Sidekick for FREE

Getting sick of seeing this guy yet? I hope not, because as of today, Leap Day 2016, this new Duke story, all about the exploits that led to him becoming the henchman known in certain circles as HandCannon, is available over on Amazon. And in honor of its digital publication, I'm also holding a month-long Goodreads Giveaway where [...]

Why I Chose A Serial Over A Novel

There was actually a whole lot of thought, planning, and hemming and hawing that went on behind the scenes of my superhero series, Vanguard. All before I'd even created a Scrivener file for it. You see, I've long been a fan of superhero comics. My first experiences in writing were writing superhero stories, initially in elementary school [...]

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Super: Idea Behind

When I first got the idea, years ago, for the serial that I’m now writing as Super, it came to me as what a lot of people might think of as more of a “traditional” superhero tale, with supervillains and lots of big, showy fights. After the first few attempts to write it ended up [...]

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From Web-Serial to Book

Hey all. My name is Drew Hayes, and I’m here to talk to you about drinking responsibly… while working in an office. (Off-stage whisper) Really? They want to hear about that? But I had this whole bit about making liquor injected donuts. (More off-stage whispering) Well, alright, I guess we’ll give them what they want. [...]

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Steampunk Time: Cape High book 7 is out!

    "I have brought a super child," Tatiana announces. "I do not know where she comes from, but she is one of us. Until we can return her to her parents, I will be taking care of her."     "Wait, wait, wait," Blackjack says, getting up from where he was lounging on a couch. "You can't [...]

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New PCS Feature – Events Manager (and why serial authors might want to use it)

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm (Jeff) the primary web developer/programmer/lackey for the website. Last weekend, I added the ability to see upcoming events on the website. You can see it in the footer. This tool will be very handy when scheduling updates for so many authors but it will also be handy [...]

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Shit I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Web-Serial

For those who don't know me, my name is Drew Hayes and I write Super Powereds and Corpies, web-serials at I've been at it for nearly half-a-decade, and in that time I've picked up a lesson or two. In the interest of always making things easier for those following the same path as me, [...]

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