Promote Your Work on the Author’s Show

Just here to report on the experience I had in recording an interview with the Author’s Show. This is a group who records fifteen-minute interviews with authors where you can speak about your book and explain why people might want to read it. These are scheduled on their website and featured for a full day, [...]

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The Villain’s Sidekick For Free

Full disclosure: I'm about to have one of those milestone birthdays this month, where I find myself a lot older than the younger version of me ever thought I'd live to be. So in honor of that, I guess, I'm offering a couple of my books free this month over on Amazon, beginning with the [...]

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Pen and Cape Society Monthly Newsletter

Please sign up fo the PCS monthly newsletter. It's intended to bring you information about what's happening in the Pen and Cape Society including (but not limited to) $0.99 books, free books, new releases, new members, and important announcements. How can you not sign up for important announcements? You can sign up on the bottom [...]

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The Secrets of Self Publishing to Libraries

I snuck into the hidden world of librarians by having a table at the ALA Midwinter conference. Here's what I learned as a self publisher among giants. Now you won't have to repeat my mistakes! Advanced Reviews There are several publications that offer free reviews and paid reviews for libraries and school libraries, along with [...]

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Collective of Heroes

Some of you might have been wondering about the big banner on the bottom of the Pen and Cape Society web site. If you haven't, I'll take a moment and let you scroll down to the bottom of the web site. Waiting... Waiting... And here you are. The banner leads to both the main website [...]

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On Golden Goodreads Giveaways

This is just a super-brief post to tell you all that if you haven't yet read this article on a nontraditional method for Goodreads Giveaways, you need to. I'm experimenting with implementing these techniques in March and I will be reporting back in how they have worked. I've generally found Goodreads Giveaways to be the [...]

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Taming the Social Media Dragon: Twitter

We have all been told that you need a social media platform in order to get the word out about our writing. So we blog, we Facebook, we tweet, we Pin, we Tumblr, we this and that until our head spins. Often I’m asked at meetings and in personal correspondence my opinion on what social [...]

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