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PCS Anthology 4

The Pen and Cape Society is at work on another anthology. Here's a small version of the cover (front and back) without the words. Cover by PCS member Scott Story.

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Holiday Sale on Curiosity Quills Books

Just in time for last minute holiday shopping, Curiosity Quills is putting most of their catalogue on a 99¢ to $1.99 sale. All three of the Menopausal Superhero novels (and a set of short stories)  by Pen and Cape Society member Samantha Bryant are included in the sale, so here's your chance to find a [...]

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Promote Your Work on the Author’s Show

Just here to report on the experience I had in recording an interview with the Author’s Show. This is a group who records fifteen-minute interviews with authors where you can speak about your book and explain why people might want to read it. These are scheduled on their website and featured for a full day, [...]

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New Release: Friend or Foe and Other Stories

There's a new volume of the Menopausal Superheroes series by Samantha Bryant. Friend or Foe and Other Stories (Menopausal Superheroes 2.5) is a collection of short stories taking place in the same universe, but outside the scope of the novels. Peer into the past to discover how Cindy Liu became a mad scientist. Follow the [...]

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The Devil’s Got A Free Hand!

As I further contemplate the turning of the screw that is achieving a half century of life, I find myself wanting to give away my earthly possessions--well, some of them anyway; definitely not the ones I use daily, like my car or any of my flatscreens or personal electronics--so I figure it's a fine time [...]

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Cover Reveal – Super: Exile

Hey, everyone! I am super excited to do a reveal of the cover art for my latest book, Super: Exile, the third in the Super: Series. I think my artist outdid herself this time, and it's gorgeous. This book is scheduled to be available for sale in mid-December 2016, and I can't wait to see [...]

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Now on preorder: The Neighborhood Watch

*Reprinted with permission from Local Hero Press Beautiful cover art by Karyn Lewis Bonfiglio First, bask in the glory of this gorgeous cover art: Now let us tell you about this book. The Neighborhood Watch is written for middle-grade readers, but we think adult fans of the Just Cause Universe will enjoy it too. Twelve-year-old [...]

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TUSKS, JCU Book 9, now on preorder

(reprinted with permission from Local Hero Press) Presenting TUSKS, JCU book 9! We're proud to announce the next Just Cause Universe novel is coming on May 16, 2016. TUSKS is a return to the ongoing saga of Mustang Sally, and brings her into close contact with the series' most deadly supervillain of all: Destroyer. The [...]

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Leap Day Release Day: New HandCannon Story; Goodreads Giveaway; Villain’s Sidekick for FREE

Getting sick of seeing this guy yet? I hope not, because as of today, Leap Day 2016, this new Duke story, all about the exploits that led to him becoming the henchman known in certain circles as HandCannon, is available over on Amazon. And in honor of its digital publication, I'm also holding a month-long Goodreads Giveaway where [...]

The Legion of Nothing: Powers

In November of 2014, I ran a Kickstarter to fund turning the second year of my web serial The Legion of Nothing into a novel. It was actually to turn the third year into a novel as well, and that will happen, but in any case, the Kickstarter was a success. It raised enough money to publish [...]

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