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Warren HatelyWarren Hately lives with his children in Margaret River, Western Australia, where he works as a journalist and sub-editor. Previously, he has been a freelance travel writer, photographer and academic. He holds a doctorate in English and Comparative Literature for his dissertation The Discourse of
Conflict, which reworked post-Foucauldian semiotics to examine the predominance of language-like models in the resolution of conflict (with the case study of the 1981 prison conflict in Northern Ireland). Warren also has an English with First Class Honours in post-structuralist theory and cultural studies specialising in the work of French philosopher Michel Foucault.

Since he was young, Warren has enjoyed languages and history and has studied French, Irish and Scots Gaelic, German and Icelandic. He has released music, including the album Indomitus, with death/black metal bands Sámain and The Silver Twilight. His ongoing doom metal project Daybreak can be found on Facebook. Warren also helped pioneer collaborative online fiction in the late 90s and maintains the fiction blog zephyr.warrenhately.com for Zephyr, a postmodern superhero tale inspired by the world of Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho. Zephyr is also published in six volumes and counting. In his spare time Warren occasionally blogs and is working on a graphic novel noir thriller set in 1970s South Armagh called Black Irish.

Warren’s writing is influenced most strongly by the writers Bret Easton Ellis and Stieg Larsson: the former for his unique brand of transgressive fiction and satirical extended sentences; Larsson for his belief narrative fiction should represent how many members of society contribute to outcomes and not just the one defining central character. Other favourite fiction writers include Tim Powers, Thomas Harris, Peter Temple, Peter Corris, AA Attanasio, Cormac McCarthy, Greg Egan, Keith Taylor, Will Beall, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison.

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Warren Hately
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Margaret River, WA 6285
(mb) 0413 733 357
(e) wereviking @ hotmail.com

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