The Good Fight 3: Sidekicks

An anthology about the underestimated.

Hey folks, this is Jim Zoetewey, current president of The Pen & Cape Society. The next Pen & Cape Society anthology arrives on March–

Hmmn… That’s not good enough.

This needs more emotion than simply passing on the date. What PCS needs is a promoter like Stan Lee. Unfortunately, Stan Lee is booked at the moment. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s retired, and has no idea we exist.

So, here’s the what I’ve got…

The Pen and Cape Society’s third, amazing, all encompassing, all powerful anthology The Good Fight: Sidekicks arrives on March 21! In it are stories that delve deeply into the past and the future of the most underestimated of superhumans–sidekicks.

Written by the best writers who wanted to participate, Sidekicks is available for preorder right now!

Also, buying it will bring world peace and everyone will get a puppy!

Actually, ignore that last sentence. I was overpromising a little. What is true though, is that we’ve written some good stories for the anthology. Please buy a copy, and tell your friends.