T. Mike McCurley lives in a small city in Oklahoma, where indeed, “the wind comes sweeping” and all that. He has accumulated bits of trivial knowledge and performed far too many meaningless tasks through the years, and currently waits for that flash of psychic insight to bring him the winning lottery numbers so that he can retire to a life in the woods.

He began writing superhero prose on a whim one day, and found it enjoyable enough to continue. His short stories soon formed the backbone of what became known as the world of The Emergence, describing events and players in a world of metahumanity that began in 1963 and has continued to grow since. From there came the stories of the metahuman cop known as Firedrake, which has now filled three books, with a fourth in the works.

In another (non-writing) life he has been a radiological monitor, an emergency medical technician, a private investigator, a videographer, a certified GLOCK armorer, and a dozen other things too varied and goofy to list in one space together. Right now, in fact, he has the role of “guy with blank expression looking at computer screen” and seems to be doing well with it.

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