stephentbrophyTexas-bred and bottle-fed, Stephen T. Brophy has been writing words since kindergarten, and doing it to entertain himself and others since at least the second grade. He’s written short stories, novels, film and TV scripts (some even produced!), Internet cartoons, comedy for radio and the live stage, and on and on, just zillions of words.

Life, time and circumstance uprooted him from his home state and after a decade-long detour in San Francisco, he’s wound up in Los Angeles with a fiery red-headed wife, a kid who’s so much like him it’s terrifying, a couple of sweet if sadly aging dogs, a mortgage and a day job producing reality TV (it’s not all dreck, he swears).

Stephen is the author of the novella The Villain’s Sidekick, its prequels The Devil’s Right Hand and The Eternity Conundrumand is currently toiling away in every free minute to finish the epic sequel, Citizen Skin.

He occasionally remembers to update his blog.

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