About the Author

Waiting for his powers to manifest.

I was born in the summer of love in 1967, and I’ve been a writer since I first learned how to string words together – but I haven’t been an author. An author finishes works they’ve started. Instead of becoming an author, I had a career and a family, and along the way I accumulated a drawer full of incomplete works.

My first novel was an accident. Variants of a story had been floating around in my head for years as novels “to- be” that never became. The various story bits and subplots found their way into comic book scripts which became graphic novels, but the core story remained unused. I was itching to get back into prose – so I cracked my knuckles and sat down to write whatever came to mind. What came out was the first draft of The Paragon of Animals.

The moral to this story is that life is a journey – as long as you keep on walking, you’ll end up somewhere you wanted to be.

Scott’s Works

Scott’s books are available on Ingram, Amazon, and you can order signed copies and more from his website ScottComics.com.

The Paragon of Animals

Growing up as a nerd in a small midwestern town, Liza didn’t have the easiest life. Then she met the Paragon, the super powered man whose poster hung over her bed. By accident they traded places, she got his body…he got hers. Then things got REALLY crazy.
218 pp. Novel (Mature)  |  Smashwords (All digital formats)  |  Amazon (Print and Kindle)
To Thine Own Self Be True

Liza’s life as the super hero Paragon was busy, but it left a hole that wasn’t filled. Then she met Leon. Their relationship turned her life upside down, but not in a good way. The worst three dates followed and cost her not only Leon, but her job and the home and the legal protection that went with it. She had to decide what mattered to most, and what she was willing to do about it.
Our Super Mom: Family Matters

The super hero Paragon has retired to raise her children, but the old life won’t let her go, and even with powers, being a mom isn’t easy.
98 pp. Graphic Novel (All Ages)  |  Amazon (Print and Kindle)
*NEW* Our Super Mom: An Education

The kids have powers, Mom patrols the city, super villains, and a teenager moves in. Guess which causes the most trouble?
104 pp. Graphic Novel (All Ages)  |  Amazon (Print)
Raymond Hardcase: The Harder They Fall

What makes a hero? What they can do, or who they are? Raymond Hardcase was as strong as he willed himself to be, movie star famous, and too vain to hide behind a mask. But… when his girlfriend is murdered, his own team had no doubt he was guilty. There’s no place for him to hide as he tries to prove his innocence – and then it gets worse…
138 pp. Graphic Novel (Mature)  |  Amazon (Print and Kindle)

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