Robert_ArringtonBy day, Robert Arrington is a humble PC Help Desk technician for a large law firm in Raleigh, NC. After hours, he transforms into a writer, primarily of supers fiction. When not pursuing these activities he helps his kids with their homework, and generally tries to make himself useful around the house. He shares his home with his wife, Lucille, a son, 10, daughter, 8 and two bearded dragons.

In his earlier life, Robert was an avid gamer. His gaming system of choice is GURPS (Generice Universal Role-Playing System) by Steve Jackson Games. This is a system that encourages the development of characters with both positive and negative personality traits, and therefore it works well for people who enjoy the hobby as a mutual story-telling experience. Robert’s group focused mostly on fantasy, but branched out into other genres, most memorably a cyberpunk/Cthulu/Werewolf: The Apocalypse mashup. The one genre never attempted was supers.

The Wonderland Effect has grown out of a love of the stories from the comic books, most notably the Marvel universes, and an attempt to fill the creative void left from his gaming days. If you enjoy this story, you may want to check out Desire of Ages, a short narrative retelling the Easter story, but set on another planet with a different history. It’s available at, free to Prime members and Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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