Episode 7: Traditional, Indie & Hybrid Publishing, Promotional Scams, The Magic Computer

In this month's episode we talk about traditional, indie, and hybrid publishing, and which one we're doing. Plus, Cheyanne rants about book promotional scams. We also discuss how we've seen computers used and overused in stories. Want to subscribe? You'll know the moment new episodes are released on: Stitcher Apple's iTunes Our RSS Feed

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Episode 4: Web Serials, Van Allen Plexico, Cliffhangers

In this episode Cheyanne asks Chris, Drew and Jim about their experiences in writing web serials. We also interview Van Allen Plexico, member of PCS, and talk about his life, books, and the New Pulp Movement. In our comic book tropes segment, we talk about cliffhangers. Want to subscribe? You'll know the moment new episodes [...]

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Episode 3: Ages of Comics, Reboots, Destroying the City

In this month's episode, we talk about the different ages of comics, what we think of reboots, and trope of destroying a city to save it. Want to read more? or Want to subscribe? You'll know the moment new episodes so are released on: Stitcher Apple's iTunes Our RSS Feed

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Episode 2: Light vs. Dark, Live Action TV, Fridging

In this month's podcast we talk about: Discussion: Light and Dark themes in superhero prose, comics, TV and movies. What do we like to read? What do we like to write? Works discussed: The Dark Knight Returns, The Flash, Superman, Watchmen. Nerdfight: We discuss which of the current live action TV shows we like best, [...]

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