Episode 15: Writing Books–Marketability vs. Quality, Interview: Drew Hayes (Superpowereds), Revolving Door of Death

In this episode of our infrequent but well-loved (at least by us) podcast, we talk about the questions related to marketability and quality, interview Drew Hayes who ended his Superpowereds series recently, and then talk about the revolving door of death. Also, we'd like to draw your attention to the fact that the Pen and Cape Society's [...]

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Episode 14: Ending Series, Nerdfight: Writer’s Block! Interview: Ian Healy (The Just Cause Universe)

In the most recent episode of Throwing the Gun, we talk about ending series since Drew Hayes is ending Superpowereds, Christopher (CB) Wright is ending Curveball, and Cheyanne Young has ended City of Legends. Also, an inadvertent comment about writer's block starts a Nerdfight--which probably also counts as a trope discussion as well. Finally, I [...]

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Episode 11: Series vs. Standalone Books, Heel/Face and Face/Heel Turns

In this episode we talk about series versus standalone books both in the commercial and artistic sense as well as heel/face and face/heel turns in fiction and professional wrestling. Seriously. We are not joking about this--except when we're making jokes. Want to subscribe? You'll know the moment new episodes so are released on: Stitcher Apple's [...]

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Episode 10.1: Batman v. Superman! Unauthorized Expanded Nerdfight Edition!

Are you ready to RUMBLE? In today's completely unauthorized and unasked for unepisode, Percival Constantine, author of the Vanguard series, and C.B. Wright, author of the Curveball series, will fight till the end to settle whether the movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice sucks or not! Why are we still talking about this three months later? [...]

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Episode 9: Secret Identities, Audiobooks, Evil Gorillas

In this episode, we talk about whether the secret identity is still relevant, talk about the process of getting our books made into audiobooks, and ask why there are SO. MANY. SUPERINTELLIGENT. EVIL. GORILLAS. in DC comics. Seriously. Oh, and related to that, wouldn't "Implied Bestiality" be a great name for a band? Want to [...]

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