percivalconstantinePercival Constantine was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Thanks to shows like Batman: The Animated SeriesX-Men, and Spider-Man, he quickly became a fan of superhero comics at a young age and relentlessly abused the interlibrary loan system in order to get his hands on as many trade paperbacks as possible.

Percival has been working creatively in a number of different fields since 2005. He’s been an editor, comic book letterer, book formatter, cover designer, but his principle interest has and always will be writing. He’s worked for a number of publishers in comics and prose, including Pro Se Press, Airship 27, AC Comics, Black Glass Press, FYI Comics, and more.

He’s the author and creator of Vanguard, a prose superhero serial that takes a great deal of inspiration from the comics he grew up reading, particularly the Bronze Age versions of the X-Men and the Avengers. Vanguard is first released as a series of short episodes before being collected in season sets of five or six episodes.

Percival has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s in English and creative writing. When he’s not writing, he’s teaching literature, discussion, and writing classes at the Minami Academy in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture.

His website is, where you can sign up to receive free content and information about new releases.

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