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Pen and Cape Society Charter


    1. Name: The name of this organization shall be the Pen and Cape Society (herein referred to as PCS).
    2. Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to:
      1. Share knowledge, experience, and any other pertinent information
      2. Aid one another to grow into the best authors we can be
      3. Raise awareness of the Superhero genre


  • Statement of Non-Discrimination


      1. PCS is open to any and all prospective members, and does not discriminate on the basis of gender identification, sexual preference, race, class, religious preference, country of origin, political preference, or any other factor.
    1. Membership
      1. Membership in PCS is free, but requires an invitation or sponsorship from an existing member.
        1. A prospective member of PCS must fulfill the following publishing criteria: A body of original published work (internet or traditional) that cumulatively equals 50,000 words, form regardless.
        2. A prospective member understands this is a group about helping each other and cross-promotion, and agrees to contribute in that spirit.
        3. A prospective member must be invited or sponsored by a standing PCS member, though members with seconds will be evaluated more quickly.
        4. The prospective membership will be discussed by standing members for a period of one week from the time the nomination is introduced.
        5. If a standing member has issue with a prospective membership, the rejection will be discussed by standing PCS members. If a consensus cannot be reached within the one week time limit, a vote will be held. For the Prospective membership to pass, it must do so with a majority of standing PCS members.
        6. Any members who do not vote within the specified time frame will be counted as abstaining and count neither for nor against the membership.
        7. A prospective member may re-apply for membership, however they will need to be sponsored by a new PCS member, preferably one who voted to reject them previously to demonstrate that prior issues have been resolved.
        8. Members are not required to use their legal names and may use pseudonyms in any and all PCS functions.
      2. Membership Responsibilities
        1. Members are to participate in group promotional efforts to the best of their ability.
        2. Members are expected to support other members’ individual promotional efforts to the best of their ability, which may include but are not necessarily limited to retweeting on Twitter, sharing posts on Facebook and Google+, guest blog posts, posting reviews of existing or forthcoming works, or other efforts specifically requested.
        3. At least four times a year, or once per quarter, members are expected to write a blog post on a topic relevant to the PCS, to be posted on the main PCS articles page.
        4. Members are encouraged but not required to participate in using the Watercooler Forum, however they must assume responsibility for learning about PCS functions on their own.
      3. Revocation of membership
        1. Revocation of PCS membership is a serious consideration that requires unanimous agreement from all elected officers, unless one of the officers is under consideration for expulsion, in which case the remaining officers will appoint a temporary replacement from the pool of PCS members.
        2. Every instance of potential removal of a PCS member will be thoroughly investigated by the elected officers.
        3. Grounds for expulsion may include but are not limited to:
          • Conviction of a crime related to the PCS
          • Gross misconduct
          • Harassment, bullying, or abuse
          • Misrepresentation of or to the PCS
          • Failure to meet minimum membership requirements
            1. Failure to engage in social media sharing may be used as evidence in a discussion about Revoking Membership, however it cannot be used as the cause to initiate such a discussion.
    2. Events, meetings, and promotion of views
      1. PCS shall meet on the PCS website forum, as needed, in the Watercooler
      2. PCS shall host interviews, speakers, and discussions according to the statement of purpose.
      3. When the PCS promotes the itself or its views to readers on other sites, it shall abide by the purpose of PCS and the guest website owner
    3. Officers
      1. Positions
        1. President
          • Authorizes PCS treasury expenditures
          • Spokesperson for the PCS group
          • Outreach to similar organizations (SFWA, MWA, RWA, etc) and other superhero-related organizations
        2. Vice President
          • Assumes duties of President in the absence of the President
          • Audits Treasury fund at least once a year or when requested by PCS membership vote
          • Maintains membership records of PCS members and records any changes in membership standing, and verifies eligibility to participate in PCS elections and functions.
        3. Treasurer
          • Maintains and distributes PCS treasury fund
          • Maintains bank/Paypal account for PCS treasury fund
          • Ensures required financial and tax reporting is completed on a timely basis
        4. Social Media
          • Maintains @PenAndCape Twitter account, Pen and Cape Facebook and Google+ pages
          • Coordinates social media marketing and events with members
        5. Technology
          • Mantains website
          • Maintains domain registration
        6. Outreach Coordinator
          • Sends a welcome email to new site registrants with a complimentary copy of The Good Fight eBook.
          • Sends an email to all registered PCS members listing important news, upcoming events and releases, etc. (frequency of emails TBD)
          • Seek out and contact other groups dedicated to promoting the superhero genre and open discussions of cross-promotional opportunities.
          • Works with Social Media Officer to find opportunities for additional media exposure.
          • Potential to attend conventions as a representative of the PCS.
      2. Criteria for holding office.
        1. PCS member in good standing
        2. Nominated by a PCS member in good standing that does not already hold an office
      3. Duration of office
        1. The duration an office will be held is one calendar year.
        2. Officers may hold office in subsequent or non-adjacent years if elected through the standard process.
        3. If an officer steps down, is voted down due to a no-confidence vote by PCS members in good standing, or loses PCS membership as outlined above, an emergency election will be held to replace that officer.
        4. The President or Vice President may appoint an interim officer or assume the role to fulfill the duties of the missing officer until the emergency election is completed.
      4. Election process
        1. The nomination period will last for one week, commencing on the second Monday of July.
        2. Nominees who accept their nomination have a period of one week to outline their platform, plans, and methods to the PCS membership, beginning the third Monday of July.
        3. The election will be held on the fourth Monday of July, beginning at 12:00 AM and ending at 11:59 PM. All PCS members in good standing may cast one vote for each office.
        4. Officers will be elected by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held on the Wednesday after Election Day, with a simple majority declaring the winner. In the event that the run-off election ends in a tie, the office will be held jointly by the winners.


  • Amendments


    1. Amendments to the charter may be proposed by any member in good standing
    2. After a public discussion for one week, PCS members will vote on amendment ratification
    3. An amendment requires ⅔ approval to be ratified

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