PCSMemberRecognitionOne of the things that came out of the recent PCS Officers meeting was that we recognized a need to highlight those members of the Pen & Cape Society who are our Heroes-those who are working hard to support others through their efforts on social media and generally improving awareness of superhero fiction wherever they can.

Lisa M. Collins is one of our Heroes. She has a regular interview series on her blog, and has recently been featuring other PCS authors in that series. She tweets about superheroes and writing as @coolvstar650 and is also on Facebook. She is an editor for Nick Ahlhelm’s Metahuman Press and also a freelance editor as well. In case you didn’t click through to that last link from Lisa’s About page, you might not know she’s supporting writers even beyond the PCS as President of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Arkansas Chapter.

The officers of the Pen & Cape Society would like to recognize and thank Lisa for her tireless efforts on behalf of writers both in and outside of the PCS, and hope the rest of you will as well.