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James Hudnall inspired so much of what I am currently doing as a writer. His Alpha Flight that made me look at super-teams differently than anything Avengers or Justice League gave me. His Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography showed me even the oldest comic characters could be reinvented in compelling ways. His ESPers helped me realize that superheroes and insane conspiracy theories do mix, and the results can be magical. And his Hardcase still stands to me as the perfectly balanced modern superhero narrative.

Of course I’m ignoring a bunch of stuff in that list: The Psycho, Strikeforce: Morituri, Age of Heroes, etc. etc. James wrote a lot of great comics and all are worth a read by fans of good comic writing.

GoodFight2-cover-300dpiThe Good Fight 2: Villains has been in the works for quite some time, ever since the release of the first book in the series. Talk of making the anthologies charity based going forward was already in play as well, but it was me that brought James’ plight to the folks here at the Pen & Cape Society. I saw a chance to help a writer I respected in his time of need. It did my heart proud to see my fell Society members hop readily on the band wagon for Hud.

Complications from diabetes have taken James’ leg and in turn he ended up homeless and jobless. While he currently has a home, he still is without a job and his medical expenses continue to be ongoing. And while I encourage everyone out there to go grab The Good Fight 2: Villains as every penny made by Pen & Cape goes to James, I also want to encourage everyone to continue showing him support on his Go Fund Me page as well. While his initial waves of expenses were paid, we all know how these things can mount up quick.

So go read some great fiction in The Good Fight 2: Villains and then help out a great writer.

About the Author:

Nicholas Ahlhelm has let his love for superheroes as a concept pretty much overwhelm his good sense. A fan of super-powered prose fiction since he discovered Wild Cards at twelve. Since then, he has expanded his reading and viewing to cover superheroes through every means he can find, whether comics, prose fiction, movies, television, or transmedia sources. In the mean time, he regular maintains three fiction-producing website publications: Metahuman Press, Pulp Empire, and The Dead Walk Again. At the same time, he writes the weekly web comic Arc with artist Jay Rainford-Nash, published every Tuesday. (Other comic works are in various stages of production.)He lives in Eastern Iowa with his wife and two daughters, in an increasingly small house.You can contact him at nick {at}

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