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Junior League for Writers: Fanfiction

Are you interested in getting others to see your writing, but are feeling shy about simply jumping into publishing your own serial, or independently publishing your work? If so, I’d like to recommend you try fanfiction first, as a way to dip your toes into the water and get feedback on your writing.

My experience in the fanfiction world was that I was interested in practicing writing short pieces, since my strengths seem to lie in long work and I wanted to stretch myself, so I began writing some short pieces to test my skills, using some of the characters in one of my favorite fandoms. I’d initially written them simply for practice, but as I got involved in the fandom surrounding that series, I began posting them for others to read, as well, and I ended up getting lots of great feedback that helped me to improve as a writer.

If you want to do this type of thing as well, I’d recommend the following. First, find the place where you think you might want to start posting your work. There are a number of active communities on the internet that you can find just by searching, and one of the oldest is Fanfiction.net. On the upside, there is a lot of work posted there. On the downside, the work is of varying qualities and the audience there can sometimes be welcoming and sometimes not. Please note in particular that you cannot post erotica there. I know authors that have tried it, and in the past Fanfiction.net has had purges and ripped it all down, so it’s not recommended. My favorite place currently, and that of many other authors I know, is Archive of Our Own (AO3). You will need to request an invitation in order to post there, unless you know someone else who already does who can invite you, but it is a great place to post your work, whether it’s new or you’re moving it from somewhere else, and erotica is fine to post. The community there is generally inviting and positive, in my experience and what I’ve heard of the experiences of others.

My second recommendation to you would be to get involved in the fandom you’re interested in writing for before you post your own writing. See who else is writing for the group, and comment on their writing. Some authors will welcome constructive criticism and others will not, so I’d recommend reading some of the other comments they receive and seeing their reception before adding your own comments, or simply review the author’s notes for the work, which often state what types of commentary the author welcomes.

When you’re ready to start posting your own work, I’ve often posted a little blurb at the end of the piece detailing what type of feedback I’d like to receive. Stating that you’re open to constructive criticism should allow people to feel free to leave it, and if you’ve already made some friends or interested possible colleagues with your earlier comments, it’s likely someone else will see that as an opportunity to reciprocate.

At any rate, it’s a good way to make friends who write and an easy way to practice your writing skills, and have others give you feedback on how you’re doing. My experience doing this was very positive, and I still have friends and colleagues today that I met posting my fanfiction. So, good luck and get writing!

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