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Lumosity (NASDAQ:LUMON) is a brain training and attention training tool that allows users to “exercise and improve their focus.” Lumosity’s stock has been rising steadily over the past year, and in October 2013 the company announced a new partnership with Google to enhance the Lumosity experience. It’s difficult to attribute the growth of Lumosity’s stock price solely to its Google partnership, since the stock price didn’t start at its current level until September of that year. Nevertheless, it is a good case study of how the combination of a great offering with an up-and-coming partner can cause a stock to outperform its peer group.

The latest announcement from Google and Lumosity illustrates the potential of the partnership. The partnership aims to further strengthen the experience of Lumosity with a variety of services, including better sharing of players’ performance statistics, search suggestions based on personal data, and an easier sign-up process for members. In a report issued in early December, I concluded that the growth potential of the Lumosity partnership is clear, but the risks associated with the relationship are unclear. However, I still believe that Lumosity’s new partnership with Google is likely to strengthen the stock. With that in mind, the company has issued a second-quarter press release, outlining the Google partnership. Lumosity CEO, Tod Fournier, has provided an overview of the partnership at a conference. He further stated that the Google partnership is a way of providing the world with a more personalized experience, which would allow people to have a better understanding of themselves. The Google relationship means that Lumosity will be able to provide more personalized data to its users. This means that Google will be able to offer better search suggestions, improved content recommendations, and enhanced video suggestions. It also means that Lumosity users will be able to get more from the platform, which will likely include better ad targeting. This also means that Google will also be able to provide better mobile ads. The partnership will begin by the end of this year, and Google will integrate Lumosity’ Lumosity App into Google Search, meaning that users will be able to use the App to search for information and learn about themselves.

The Google partnership also means that Lumosity will be able to offer more personalized data to its users, and also gives the company more flexibility to add features to Lumosity, the first being in-app ads.

Last but not least, Google has also announced that it will launch an updated Lumosity web application, the beta of which will begin sometime in April of this year. The new website will provide users with an easier and more intuitive way to search for and learn about their own data, as well as being able to view their training and competition data for the month and what kinds

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