Lightweight, Kickstarter and series fiction

//Lightweight, Kickstarter and series fiction

Lightweight, Kickstarter and series fiction

In most modern storytelling, continuing narratives dominate. Television has reached a golden age of amazing serialized programming while motion pictures live and breathe by the sequels they can produce. Even prose fiction regularly maintains series characters no matter what the genre.

But superheroes have been serialized for decades. Yet strangely, the number of serialized superhero prose characters remained incredibly limited until the rise of writers like myself and my Pen & Cape Society compatriots.

My own entry into serialized super powered prose is Lightweight. After two successful novels in the last year funded by Kickstarter, the character has returned to Kickstarter to fund Lightweight: Beyond. The incredibly modest goal pays the remaining production costs I have in place for the next book, including another gorgeous cover by regular artist Brent Sprecher.


The previous two volumes of Lightweight.

Lightweight: Senior Year and Lightweight: Black Death established the world of Kevin Mathis, the young alter ego of Lightweight. It introduced his friends and allies like Millie Bryant, Andy Case and Howl. But Lightweight: Beyond helps to establish Kevin as a hero sans his support structure as he finds himself transported to the alien world of Nill. He will have to prove himself to the indigenous race of this new world, even as he becomes the center of an galactic cold war ready to explode.

Back on Earth, Millie and Andy face their own dilemmas. Andy seeks to carry on the legacy left by his friend, while Millie searches for anything that can help her find Kevin. They will uncover a new plot by an old foe and unlock the mysteries of the Golden Age Lightweight!

Lightweight: Beyond sets Lightweight in a new direction, but it is far from Kevin’s final adventure. Stretch goals can unlock Lightweight: Golden Age and Lightweight: Universal, the next two books in the Lightweight series. If all three books are unlocked, the guest anthology The Adventures of Lightweight opens up which will feature six new stories of Lightweight by a wide array of authors. With enough funding, 2016 could become the biggest year of Lightweight adventures yet!


Reward levels get you Lightweight: Beyond in ebook for $5 and print for $15. If you’re new to Lightweight, the complete series is available in ebook form for $10 and print for $25. There will never be a cheaper way to get on board with Lightweight!

The Kickstarter has thirteen days left as this article goes live, but it will still need a lot of help in order to succeed. Head over to Kickstarter to make Lightweight: Beyond a reality! The Kickstarter ends September 4th.

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About the Author:

Nicholas Ahlhelm has let his love for superheroes as a concept pretty much overwhelm his good sense. A fan of super-powered prose fiction since he discovered Wild Cards at twelve. Since then, he has expanded his reading and viewing to cover superheroes through every means he can find, whether comics, prose fiction, movies, television, or transmedia sources. In the mean time, he regular maintains three fiction-producing website publications: Metahuman Press, Pulp Empire, and The Dead Walk Again. At the same time, he writes the weekly web comic Arc with artist Jay Rainford-Nash, published every Tuesday. (Other comic works are in various stages of production.)He lives in Eastern Iowa with his wife and two daughters, in an increasingly small house.You can contact him at nick {at}


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