Author Pic - Michael Ivan LowellMichael Ivan Lowell is the author of THE SUNS OF LIBERTY Series of superhero novels. Lowell holds a PhD in sociology. What has all that education done for him? He’s learned how to be a Geek and get paid for it. He lives in Florida with his wife and an army of domesticated beasts.

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Books by Michael Ivan Lowell

Book Cover - The Suns of Liberty Revolution Book Cover - The Suns of Liberty Legion


The Second Great Depression

In the future, misery scars the land. Democracy is dead. Corporations take control through what they cynically call the Freedom Council. They have the police, the courts, the military, the gangs. They are everywhere. They protect their wealth by any means necessary.

A Man Who Stands Against Armies

But one man rises to stand in their way. A one man army. A perpetual soldier. His name is The Revolution and he’s the world’s first superhero.

The Suns of Liberty

Inspired by his rebellion, the Suns of Liberty, a team of unique heroes, each with their own special skill, are born. They will restore the American republic.

Or die trying.