Marion G. Harmon has read and written all of his life. He finished his first novel, Wearing the Cape, in 2010, and after failing to find an agent who knew what to do with a superhero story, decided to self-publish (mainly so he’d stop rewriting the book). He published through KDP and Createspace in mid 2011 with some success; Wearing the Cape (WtC 1) earned a 4.5 star Amazon rating and spent most of 2012 ranked #1 in its Amazon category.

WtC Cover-Small





Marion has since written three more novels and one short story set in the Wearing the Cape universe:

Bite Me: Big Easy Nights (takes place between WtC 1 and WtC 2)

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Villains Inc. (WtC 2)

Villians Inc. 9-4-13

Omega Night (a short story taking place between WtC2 and WtC3)


 Young Sentinels (WtC 3).

Young Sentinels Cover Final

A fourth Wearing the Cape book, Small Town Heroes, is scheduled for release in 2014.


Wearingthecape.com is a site dedicated to M.G.Harmon’s superhero stories.

His personal blog can be found at marionharmon.com.