Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 5

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Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 5

Willow took one more long, shaky breath in hopes of making her voice sound normal once she had Dave back on the line. It didn’t feel like it was helping, but she couldn’t afford to waste anymore time. Shaky or not, she put the earpiece back in.

“–kay? Doc Omni was right there and… Willow, please respond. Is everything okay?” Dave was almost shouting into the earpiece. It almost made Will feel better that she wasn’t the only one off kilter.

“I’m here,” she said, noting ruefully that the breath had done nothing at all the make her sound less frazzled. “I’m okay. He just got the… better of me and escaped.” It wasn’t a lie. Not entirely.

Dave sputtered on the other end of the line. “I-I thought we’ve lost you.”

Not feeling like small talk, Willow didn’t bother acknowledging the concern. “Where is he now?”

“Um… let me see here.” Dave still sounded rattled himself, more than a random tech on the line probably should, but Willow had other things on her mind. “The Descendants Universe.”

Willow bit back a scoff. She was feeling snippy right now, but Dave didn’t deserve it. “You can narrow that down, right? There are more than a dozen series in the DU.”

“Sh—uh, sorry, sorry,” said Dave. “He’s in the main series.”

“Great. Thanks.” With that, Willow made the hop back to her apartment. Once more, she returned to her bookshelf and pulled out one of the thick collected volumes. What to bring with her this time? Per… Doctor Omniverse was going to fight her all the more fiercely now that she knew what he was up to. She needed versatility to match his tendency to go for the most powerful ability available unless he needed something specific.

Luckily, the DU was one of those worlds that offered one of the most versatile types of powers in the genre: magic. She quickly reached out with her power and drew the power into herself. Her power replied with a burst of purple sparks erupting from both her palms. The one from her right coiled in on itself and lengthened into a staff with an ankh-shaped head while the one from her left swirled and became a small device that looked like a smartphone but which she knew was a digital spellbook.

It was a nicety of her powers that if a power she mimicked required items or devices to work properly or safely, her powers would provide them.

Now armed with her digi-book of spells and her staff, Willow stepped into the story.

She emerged on a dock. It was nighttime and just from looking at the towering skyscrapers in the distance, she couldn’t tell what city she actually landed in.

Her only warning for what was coming was a sudden, nearby shift in the wind. Pivoting, Willow raised her staff just in time to parry the steel baton that had been coming from her head. Said baton was held by a man who, to coin a cliché, was tall, dark and handsome. Also shirtless despite that cool late-autumn air coming in from the sea.

“Legion-of-One.” Willow said. “I’m going to be honest: I’m a fan of the shirtlessness, but not the teleporting assassin bit.”

Legion flourished the baton and kept his distance, sizing her up as an opponent. “I’m thinking that you were expecting someone else. Someone named Doctor Omniverse, maybe?”

The question made Willow pause and that was all the opening the Legion-of-One needed. His body seemed to blur and run like sand flowing out of the top of an hour glass as he teleported. Willow instantly realized what was coming next and raised her palm, aiming for the space to her left.

Normally, the spell required a trigger phrase in Spanish, but Willow didn’t speak Spanish. Instead, she simply shouted. “Raise this wall!”

Immediately to her left, a glittering wall of what looked like translucent, red scales unfolded out of the ether. It was just in time for Legion to emerge from his teleport in the middle of a round-house kick that was stopped dead by the wall. The impact sent him stumbling back.

It was a good stop, but Willow knew better than to let the teleporter get his bearings. Forcefully presenting her staff, she shouted, “Move this wall!”, causing the wall to thrust forward in the same manner as the staff, battering Legion before he could recover.

Rather than push his luck, Legion teleported straight up ten feet, easily clearing the wall, then teleported again.

Willow barely ducked the swing he took with his baton, then jumped back to avoid a leg sweep. Before she could counter, Legion teleported again and this time emerged just six inches in front of her, sending a palm-heel strike into her chest that drove her back a good five feet.

“This is going to be the easiest score I ever made,” mocked Legion, “All I’ve got to do is keep you busy a while so your Doctor has time to hand out a few more of these.” He pointed to a bright orange bauble hanging from his belt.

Chest aching from the palm-heel strike, Willow did her best not to let it show. That or her panic. It was too soon for Omniverse to already be granting a version of their powers to other people wasn’t it? “What is that?”

Legion tapped the device. “He called it a transversal omnilocator. He said that after he gave a few of these out to some new friends, you wouldn’t be able to figure out where he was anymore. And then once he was done with his plan… well I’ll be teleporting real long range then.”

Just for a second, Willow came very close to breaking her ‘no swearing while in costume’ rule. Then she decided that if Perry had spoken with Legion for so long, he might just have let the villain in on more useful information.

“Oh really?” She taunted, straightening herself out. Villain monologues were great for catching a second wind. “Well what if I decided you’ll be going nowhere?”

Legion scoffed. “And here I thought you needed to read about us to come to our worlds. What? You know my name but not my power? I’m a teleporter! You can’t contain me!”

“And yet…” Willow leveled her staff. “Force bubble!”

The sphere of force suddenly surrounding Legion was only discernible by the way it slightly distorted the light passing through it, but it was there all the same. Legion immediately tried to teleport away, but when his body blurred and ran, it only managed to slam into a near-invisible wall and reform into him.

With a cruel grin, Willow waved the head of her staff in a little circle and said. “Spin.”

The bubble obeyed, slowly at first, but it began to pick up speed, taking Legion along for the ride. It wouldn’t exactly hurt him, but Willow figured the promise of being let out of that nausea chamber would be worth an answer to two.

But before she could find out, Dave cut in over the earpiece. Instead of rattled, now he sounded bewildered. “Willow? We have a problem.”

“That is really not what I want to hear right now.”

“But you’re probably going to need to. I got a lock on Doctor Omniverse just now over in Portal, but then I got another lock on him in the Curveball series—and this is all while I very firmly show him still in the Descendants Universe. What’s going on?”

Willow groaned. She might get information from Legion, but every minute she stayed, Doc Omni would have more time to hand out his little false leads. What was she supposed to do now?

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