Jochem Vandersteen is known in the crime fiction community as the champion of PI fiction, blogging at http://sonsofspade.blogspot.com.
Aside from blogging about it he also writes the Vance Custer, Mike Dalmas and Noah Milano stories.
As a huge fan of superheroes since he was a 5 year old he decided to write some superhero fiction as well, resulting in his Godling series that is posted at several message boards and the blog http://godling.blogspot.com as well as the Octo-Boy stories at http://starterserials.com/category/octo-boy/
He lives with his wife and son in Holland where he is busy making sure his son becomes as much a fan of the genre as he is.




Check out  http://godling.blogspot.com to read the Godling stories.

Check out http://starterserials.com/category/octo-boy/ to read the Octo-Boy stories.