Greetings visitors! Jeff here from the site maintenance team of one member with some updates on the PCS website. You’ve cried for some changes and I’ve listened. There are three major updates happening as I type.

First, we’ve moved to the newest version of Avada. This should speed up the site a little due to better code. It should also help me with better tools on the backend to update things faster.

Second, I’ve changed out that horrible default comment system to the Jetpack comment system. Commenting on posts should go smoother now (fingers crossed). Hopefully the authentication issues with Captcha will go away because you can use your social media accounts. The newer system also looks prettier.

Lastly, the days of SimplePress (our forum system) are numbered. All the updates have created an unsustainable maintenance nightmare. Also the system never really worked 100% properly. SP was a quick solution that needs replacing by a better forum. I am trying to save all the  earlier posts and accounts, but we might have to wipe the slate clean. This step will happen sometime in December.

If you have any questions about the updates or the site in general, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please use the form under About – Contact PCS. We appreciate all the fans and their opinions.