Realistic Swords and Bows

//Realistic Swords and Bows

Realistic Swords and Bows

YouTube channel scholagladiatoria breaks down the real training and skills necessary to wield the war bow and sword. Let’s just say TV, movies, and comics usually get it very wrong.


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Jeff is a multimedia specialist and a serial writer on his website, The Pen in the Stone.


  1. bigjeff5 August 15, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    There are a lot of things like that, and it irks me sometimes too.

    For example, spears in the media are typically portrayed as less effective in armed combat than swords. Spears are possibly the oldest martial weapon ever invented, and are one of the most effective. They’ve been used in pretty much every major armed combat in history, including Iraq and Afghanistan. By the US. Think about that. Swords, no. Spears (bayonets), yes.

    You look at the actual infantries in wars before widespread use of the firearm, and it’s all spears. They are cheap and require very little training to become extremely effective. Ramp up that training and develop relevant infantry tactics, and an army using swords has no chance, no matter how well trained and armored they are.

    Despite this, spears are typically depicted in media and games as being significantly less effective than a good-ole one handed long sword. A spear designed for the task wielded by a soldier with a little bit of training can punch through plate mail, easy as can be, while a long sword simply can’t, regardless of training. Yet the spear is less effective?

    Seriously, swords are gentlemen’s weapons and backup weapons. They are primarily meant for duels, with the exception of some very brief periods of insanity by ignorant rich folk (corrected once they were schooled by armies using spears, of course) have pretty much always been used as such. You’ll note that armies stopped carrying swords even as backup weapons once they figured out that they could turn a musket into a spear.

  2. Psycho Gecko August 15, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    I would also suggest Skallagrim on Youtube.

    He has videos on weapons, including how they are treated in videogames and movies. He also reviews fantasy weapons that people put together in real life, like Riddick’s curved knives or this zombie cleaver thing.

    He’s definitely a fan of speed over strength, noting that you only need so much strength for a sword and armor, but speed tends to turn the tide of a battle. He’ll also point out good weapon design, like how to fix videogame weapons.

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