Body Armor – Part 2

//Body Armor – Part 2

Body Armor – Part 2

Back in April, I wrote an article about the types of body armor your superhero might need if they did not have bulletproof skin. A few days ago, YouTuber IraqVeteran8888 released a video discussing the various types of armor sold by Spartan Armor Systems. The products are not my focus but the technology behind them. For a realistic setting, an author must consider the role of firearms (if legal – U.S. laws will greatly differ from Europe and Asian countries) against people with superpowers. If a supervillain is not bulletproof, could a regular civilian stop them with a well-placed shot? Do the police have special units for dealing with criminals that can be wounded or killed by bullets?

If you are the visual learner type like me, this video explains the differences between Level IIIa, Level III, and Level IV armor in far greater detail than I could in my article. The weight and material of the armor factor into the level designation, which I discussed in the previous article, but companies are developing new materials that are lighter, safer, and more practical all the time. I am amazed that the thin, semi-flexible armor (Level IIIa) survived the beating from a .357 magnum.

I could see a creative hero using armor to thwart an ice villain that hurls deadly icicles or saving a family as a tornado created by Weather Master barrels down on them.

Spartan Armor Systems Overview & Testing

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