Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 6

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Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 6

Willow pointed the ankh at the top of her staff toward the spinning circle that held one pissed off Legion. “Stop.” The magic bubble slowed until it came to a stop in front of her. Legion, who had fallen to the floor of the sphere, now scrambled to his feet, crossing his arms over his bare chest. He didn’t bother trying to teleport out anymore. Sweat dripped down his skin and she briefly thought about giving him a soak in the sea just for kicks. But she wasn’t sure her magic would hold up under water and really, there wasn’t time for games right now.

Her prisoner glared at her though the glittering wall enclosure and Willow tried not to think about how this guy was exactly as hot as he was a threat. Legion-of-One sneered back at her. He, clearly, wasn’t thinking about looks. “Don’t you have a little superhero mission to do?” His hands slapped at the sphere, which made it wobbly and blurry for an instant before it morphed back into place. “Not that there’s anyway you can catch Doc Omni now, but I’m sure you’re still stubborn enough to try. So release me and get out of my universe.”

An exasperated groan filled Willow’s earpiece. “He has a point,” Dave said. “Obviously Doc Omni isn’t in the Descendants universe, but he’s showing up in–oh crud nuggets.”

Willow cocked an eyebrow at the expression and pointed the staff like a weapon toward Legion when he glared at her. “What’s going on now?” She said it to the earpiece, but Legion rolled his eyes. “Wasting your time…” he muttered under his breath.

Dave’s voice couldn’t have been more frantic. “Now I’ve got a lock on him in the Cape High universe. He’s in four places at once. How is this possible?”

Willow took a deep breath. “Listen, tech-boy. Didn’t you hear Legion? Doc’s been giving out transversal omnilocator-thingys to throw us off his trail. We need a new plan and we need one now. I think Skins here could use a good interrogation.”

“Wait,” Dave said, almost as a whisper. “I’ve lost the lock on the Cape High universe. It’s like he was there one minute and then he wasn’t.”

Willow snorted. Looks like the omnilocator devices could be destroyed. She’d have to thank Nico for that next time she visited his universe. There was no doubt in her mind that Perry, er, Doctor Omniverse, had sought out Nico the technopath to be the recipient of one of his orange orbs. He’d always loved Nico from the books. And Nico, knowing better than to aid him in his path to destruction, must have obliterated it.

“An interrogation might be beneficial,” Dave said in her ear. “Just hurry up.”

“Obviously,” Willow said, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. She patted the pocket in her suit, making sure the durite handcuffs that Colleen Hart had given her were still in place. She knew Legion wouldn’t answer a single question she asked of him, at least not under his own willpower. If only she could read his mind…”Ah-ha,” she murmured as the perfect idea came to her. Legion gave a swift roundhouse kick to the bubble, but it simply morphed and wobbled, quickly reshaping into the prison Willow had created.

Willow skimmed through her digital spell book and found one that would keep Legion in his bubble for several hours. She recited the spell, giving him a mask of invisibility to protect from any random people stumbling upon him while she was gone. Then she appeared back in her apartment and ran toward the bookshelf. Powered, book one. She flipped to the middle of the book and dove into the pages, not wasting time to find out if she were on the right paragraph.

A room shaped liked a semi-circle appeared all around her. She was next to Evan Letta’s bed, which put her pretty much where she had wanted to be. A zap of power hit her from across the room. She turned and saw Hero Maci Might dressed in regular clothing, standing with her hands on her hips. Maci glanced toward the kitchen to her right. “Um, Evan? Honey? You want to tell me why some super hot chick with a ridiculous purple cape is standing in your bedroom?”

Evan appeared next to her, holding a half-empty bottle of Gatorade. ““I wish I could. I have no idea who this is.”

Maci gave him the stinkeye. “Are you sure it’s not some weird robot creation of yours?”

Evan shook his head and looked at Willow. “Who the hell are you and why are you in my room?”

Dave chose this moment to butt in. “Why are you in the Powered universe? We don’t have a signal there! You’re on a mission, Willow, not a play date!”

“Shut it, tech-boy. I have a plan.” She smiled at Evan and Maci. “I need those mind reading rings you have. Aren’t they in your dresser drawer?”

Evan walked over, sliding open the dresser. “You’re from another universe, huh?” He shook his head, a look of excitement and awe filling his boyish features. “I’ve heard of this but I never thought it was true.”

“It’ll be a whole lot truer in a much more disastrous way if you don’t give me those rings,” Willow said. These people were so innocent in their own universes. If Doc Omni gave their powers to others, other villains, there’s no telling what kind of hell they would unleash into various universes. Willow could not let that happen. “I’ll bring them back. I promise.”

Evan nodded, and rushed to hand over the rings. “You know how they work?”

“Yep.” She slipped one ring onto her finger and held the other one. Once she got it on Legion’s finger, she’d be able to read his thoughts even when he didn’t verbally answer her questions. “I’ll come back later and explain all of this to you one day. I’m Willow, by the way.” She gave a friendly smile to Maci, but the Hero wasn’t having any of that.

“Okay, Willow.” Maci said, lifting an eyebrow. “And next time you need to visit my boyfriend, you can magically appear outside the Research facility and knock on the door like a normal person.”

Willow dove back to her world, gave herself the magic power again as quickly as possible and then hopped back into the Descendants universe. She removed the invisibility spell and was once again face to face with Legion-of-One. She held up the ring and pressed it against the bubble. “I’ve decided to let you go,” she lied. With another use of magic, she inserted the ring into the bubble, making sure the bubble stayed sealed around it. “All you have to do is put your finger in there, answer a few questions, and the bubble will disappear.”

Legion drew in a deep breath and grimaced. “That sounds about right. Rely on your stolen powers and not on your own talent.” He rolled his eyes. “Pathetic.”

“I’d like to think I’m using both of them,” Willow snapped. “Where is Doc Omni? He gave you that orange thing, so obviously you can contact him. Tell me how.”

Legion eyed the ring in front of him. He only needed a hole about an inch wide in order to teleport. Was the ring big enough? It didn’t matter; this was his only chance to escape. He hadn’t yet used the transverse omnilocator to teleport into other universes because it wasn’t ready yet. But he didn’t care. He would use the omnilocator to find Doc Omni’s secret headquarters and demand to know what’s going on. The doc had promised him powers with no interference. And this purple-clad hero was sure as hell an interference.

Willow’s eyes bulged as she realized what he planned to do. He would not teleport on her watch. “Force bubble evaporate!” she yelled, noticing that Legion’s body had just begun to distort, preparing for teleportation. He focused on the ring as it hovered in the bubble–and then in the air–as the bubble disappeared. Frantic, Willow snatched the cuffs and slammed one onto Legion’s wrist, hoping to anchor him with her own body weight before he teleported. Only she missed, and the sharp metal edge of the cuff stabbed into his flesh instead of wrapping around it.

Even better, she thought.

“Make me heavy,” she whispered, but it was too late. She could already feel the power of magic disappearing from her body as Legion teleported. She wasn’t heavy enough to anchor him to the dock. She was half his size, and that meant one thing.

He was teleporting, and she was going with him.

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