Website Updates Now and Upcoming

Greetings visitors! Jeff here from the site maintenance team of one member with some updates on the PCS website. You've cried for some changes and I've listened. There are three major updates happening as I type. First, we've moved to the newest version of Avada. This should speed up the site a little due to better [...]

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Leap Day Release Day: New HandCannon Story; Goodreads Giveaway; Villain’s Sidekick for FREE

Getting sick of seeing this guy yet? I hope not, because as of today, Leap Day 2016, this new Duke story, all about the exploits that led to him becoming the henchman known in certain circles as HandCannon, is available over on Amazon. And in honor of its digital publication, I'm also holding a month-long Goodreads Giveaway where [...]

The First Taste is Free

Update: It being my birthday and all, I figured it's only right to announce that The Devil's Right Hand will release on February 29th, just in time for Leap Day. Makes a great gift for that special someone you only think about once every four years... Available for pre-order right here. Just over two weeks ago, I typed [...]

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New PCS Feature – Events Manager (and why serial authors might want to use it)

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm (Jeff) the primary web developer/programmer/lackey for the PenandCapeSociety.com website. Last weekend, I added the ability to see upcoming events on the website. You can see it in the footer. This tool will be very handy when scheduling updates for so many authors but it will also be handy [...]

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What are you doing up here? All the good stuff is down below.

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