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Interview with Nick Piers

With a protagonist that falls squarely in our camp, and a cover designed by the Pen and Cape Society's own Percival Constantine, I felt that this interview I conducted the other day would be a great addition to our lists.   Hello again, Cats and Kittens! Peel your eyes and check out what I managed [...]

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Interview with Nicholas Ahlhelm

Author Note: The below interview was originally written August 2015, and the mentioned Kickstarter has ended. That being said, Nick is a whole bucket of smooth and the interview process was like glass, and I figured Pen and Cape Society readers might enjoy a shot at reading about what goes on in his head. So, [...]

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Lousy Covers

So today I put up the new cover for Firedrake Volume 3, finally replacing the last of my old covers that even I described as being horrible. After it had posted, and I had dropped the gorgeous new art onto my readers, I was notified that the original cover had been posted to “Lousy Book [...]

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Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 3

"Found him!" the technician crowed. His voice was loud enough to make Willow jump. "Great," she said. "Maybe you can tell me without blowing my ear out?" "Oh, sorry!" Her foot tapped on the floor a couple of times and she made a face. "So are you gonna tell me?" she demanded. "Oh! Right! I [...]

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Not everyone is a fighter.

Heroes or what? It seems when people think of the powered among humanity, they start to pigeonhole them: heroes help and villains hinder, that sort of thing. There must be bad for the good to flourish. Oft-times, it seems this is based on a belief in mankind in general that is shown to be true [...]

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