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Fiber optic internet delivery is reliable and very fast, but is a relatively uncommon method. Fiber optic has the highest data transmission speeds of all three methods and is generally the only method for broadband access that has been completely implemented. You can visit Eatel here, to find all the details about Fiber optic internet.  Lumosity: [...]

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Recipe for a Superhero Novel

According to the nursery rhyme, boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dog tails and girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I have my doubts that either of those recipes is accurate, let alone complete, but there are elements of these ingredients in all of us. Books come from [...]

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Junior League for Writers: Fanfiction

Are you interested in getting others to see your writing, but are feeling shy about simply jumping into publishing your own serial, or independently publishing your work? If so, I’d like to recommend you try fanfiction first, as a way to dip your toes into the water and get feedback on your writing. My experience [...]

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The New Natural Renewable Resource | Superpowers

The nature of superpowers, quite often, is that of a modification to an individual character.  You know, when a character is: bitten by a radioactive spider; travels to a world with a yellow sun; bombarded by Gama radiation; takes a dip into the Lazarus pit.  In fact it's pretty much a staple of superheroes: each [...]

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A Case of Identity

There have been a number of things in the news lately that have caused me to think a lot on the subject of identity, including the upswing in the coverage of the concerns of trans people. With that in my mind, I started realizing how prevalent the question of identity is in superhero storylines. In [...]

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The Magicians: A Guide on What NOT To Do

For readers seeing this on Pen and Cape Society, let me preface this with the fact that I know the show involved isn't a superhero show. However, there has been interest in the writing process I and my colleagues in the Society follow and this article speaks to mine: namely how I deconstruct all the [...]

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The Secrets of Self Publishing to Libraries

I snuck into the hidden world of librarians by having a table at the ALA Midwinter conference. Here's what I learned as a self publisher among giants. Now you won't have to repeat my mistakes! Advanced Reviews There are several publications that offer free reviews and paid reviews for libraries and school libraries, along with [...]

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Writers and Illustrators

What follows is a discussion of the relationship between writers and illustrators in self publishing. Some of it applies to traditional publishing, but there's often editors and publishers in-between and in the way. This is why most writers hate their book covers. I'm primarily a writer of comics and illustrated books, even though I set [...]

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And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

I'm overdue for contributing something to this site. I think I've written an article...never? Yup. Never. So *knuckle crack* here we go. Kids in Fiction Most of my works involve children and I occasionally write stories for children so I thought kids in fiction might be a worthy topic. We all know what kids are. We've [...]

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Why I Chose A Serial Over A Novel

There was actually a whole lot of thought, planning, and hemming and hawing that went on behind the scenes of my superhero series, Vanguard. All before I'd even created a Scrivener file for it. You see, I've long been a fan of superhero comics. My first experiences in writing were writing superhero stories, initially in elementary school [...]

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