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Why I Hope You Won’t Go See Batman Vs Superman This Weekend

I haven't been shy about my (negative) opinion of Man of Steel. It is a dreary, lifeless bastardization of everything the character up Superman stands for. Where a Superman movie should show you the power of hope, of a noble spirit, of good family and inspiring others by setting a good example, MoS shows us [...]

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The Magicians: A Guide on What NOT To Do

For readers seeing this on Pen and Cape Society, let me preface this with the fact that I know the show involved isn't a superhero show. However, there has been interest in the writing process I and my colleagues in the Society follow and this article speaks to mine: namely how I deconstruct all the [...]

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Thou Shalt Not Kill – A Defense

Frequent readers of my work and my blog will know that I am a firm believer in the idea that superheroes should not purposefully kill. Accidents, deaths in the heat of battle, unforeseen consequences, those are fine (though I don't like seeing them used all that often because I think killing of characters when one [...]

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Power Arcs – Turning Superpowers Into Storytelling Devices

Reposted to my blog and the Pen and cape Society. I've mentioned more than once that among the character-based story arcs I tend to do is what I call the 'power arc'. You see, in superhero fiction in particular, I find the actual relationship between a character and their powers to often be compelling in [...]

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Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 5

Willow took one more long, shaky breath in hopes of making her voice sound normal once she had Dave back on the line. It didn't feel like it was helping, but she couldn't afford to waste anymore time. Shaky or not, she put the earpiece back in. “--kay? Doc Omni was right there and... Willow, [...]

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Building Heroes (and Villains): My Process

[Cross-posted between my blog and The Pen and Cape Society] When I first started working on The Descendants, I didn't really know how ambitious the whole 'let's write a comic book series in prose' thing actually was. I figured I would set up my main characters, create a big, villainous organization for them to fight, [...]

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Superhero is an Official Genre Now!

Reposted from my blog sans irrelevant yammering by yours truly. The Book International Studies Group is a body of such marketing weas... people. Specifically, they're the ones who effectively set the standard categories that bookstores and other marketplaces use to organize their books. You might recall my years-long raging over how Superhero was only a [...]

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On Joining the Society

This post is cross-posted from my own blog, so please excuse the links. They're not self-promotion, they're references for my original fans as well as helping people see where I'm coming from with this. I thought it might be appropriate, given my multiple posts on the subject of the Superhero Genre, that I write a [...]

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