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Body Armor – Part 3 (Shotguns)

Iraqveteran8888 has added another body armor video. This time he shoots AR500 plates with a shotgun. If you watched the other videos, you know that AR500 can take hits from most anything unless it is repeatedly struck in the same location. The shotgun lacks the penetration of a rifle but adds spread (shot) or mass (slug) to [...]

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Body Armor – Part 2

Back in April, I wrote an article about the types of body armor your superhero might need if they did not have bulletproof skin. A few days ago, YouTuber IraqVeteran8888 released a video discussing the various types of armor sold by Spartan Armor Systems. The products are not my focus but the technology behind them. For a realistic [...]

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Realistic Sword Fighting

YouTube is a wonderful place for research. There are many great channels to learn about firearms, mêlée weapons, and unarmed combat for your stories (or self-defense). I tend to focus on gritty and not entertaining combat (as described in Writing Fight Scenes by Rayne Hall) so I'm always looking for new ideas for combat scenes. In [...]

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Clips vs. Magazines

So I'm enjoying a fun urban fantasy on Amazon Kindle and the story describes a police officer inserting a new clip in his Glock. My first reaction? Glocks do not use clips. They never have and probably never will. It immediately pulled me out of the story. The word clip is often used by people unfamiliar with [...]

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How to Use Google Drive to Save Your Masterpiece

Last night, PCS's own Cheyanne Young tweeted about losing her flash drive and posted a picture of the broken device. As a Web Developer who works remotely, I am intimately familiar with Google Docs - actually called Google Drive now, a free service provided by Google. Cheyanne mentioned she had not uploaded to Google Docs/Drive [...]

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The Power Game – Building a Ranking System

There was an interesting convergence of ideas this week. In Drew Hayes's Corpies - Chapter 16, Titan discusses the power-ranking system in the Super Powered world. In Portal - Chapter 70, Justice, unbeknownst to him, is undergoing a test to determine his current category (aka power level). Both worlds use destructive capability as the base system, Drew using descriptive [...]

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New PCS Feature – Events Manager (and why serial authors might want to use it)

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm (Jeff) the primary web developer/programmer/lackey for the website. Last weekend, I added the ability to see upcoming events on the website. You can see it in the footer. This tool will be very handy when scheduling updates for so many authors but it will also be handy [...]

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Designing the PCS Logo

Designing a logo is very much like writing a book. You first need to think about your audience. What about your logo will visually represent your style of writing and your genre? When I took on the task of building a logo for the Pen and Cape Society, I immediately wanted two elements to shine, [...]

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