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City of Legends series is half off this month only!

My publisher and the Amazon promotion gods have smiled down on me and my teen superhero series. All three books in the City of Legends series are half off for the month of August! That means an entire trilogy for only six bucks! This is a great time to stock up if you haven't read [...]

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City of Legends Release Day

I'm excited to announce the release of City of Legends - formerly my Powered series. The entire series is releasing TODAY on Amazon so there's no waiting for the next book!  Series: City of Legends Publisher: Alloy Entertainment Release: February 2016 Purchase series: Amazon GOODREADS Book One: City of Legends Maci Knight has grown up [...]

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Digital Autographs are Freaking Sweet.

In this increasingly eBook-driven world, authors and readers should know about the FREE service called Authorgraph. It allows readers to request a digital autograph for their ebooks and authors can fulfill it online, then it's sent to the reader's ebook. HOW COOL IS THAT? As a writer: To get an authorgraph, you first have to [...]

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How to survive your first draft

Happy Monday everyone! I recently wrote a 70,000 word first draft in 28 days. Then, I wrote another 52,000 first draft of another book in 20 more days. One thing that's kept me going is telling myself not to worry about perfection, because this is the FIRST DRAFT. First. Draft. I've spent so many years [...]

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Author Chat 3 – R.J. Ross and Cheyanne Young

RJ Ross and I are back for another author chat and this time we're talking superheroes in general. My first question for RJ is about tropes: CY: Tell us your favorite superhero tropes and the best one(s) you've written! RJ: I think my favorite--and the one I'm constantly using and abusing, is the most simple [...]

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How NaNoWriMo can make you an author.

It's almost November 1st and you know what that means? Discount Halloween candy!! It's also the start of NaNoWriMo 2014. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It's a fun way to challenge yourself to write 50,000 words in a single month. You can sign up online at and post your daily word count throughout the [...]

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Author Chat 2 – RJ Ross and Cheyanne Young

We're back! And we're talking superhero inspiration, indie publishing, hobbies and more. If you haven't read our first Author Chat, check it out. RJ: We both have a bit of romantic YA history, which is something I think shows up in our books, but recently you've mentioned switching over to purely Superhero genre. I can't [...]

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