Caine is the creator of the Adventure Frequency, a multimedia storyverse used to experiment with genre and storytelling across all media types and formats.  Within the Adventure Frequency Caine has: published a small line of pulp inspired tales featuring Commander Knight of Knight INC, Lady Raven, Sky Sentry, and Iron Horse; published a web comic featuring armored super powered private police force known as the Paladin Brigade; as well as writing and producing a small audio drama series featuring an inter-dimensional constable of the Manhunter Corp serving in the Huntsman Legion.

His love of antiheroes and adventure tales of all types are not limited to prose however as Caine, along with a few friends and associates, produce audio adventures of varying lengths and formats for The Adventure Frequency podcast, the CityNewsNet podcast, and a couple of new audio endeavors scheduled to launch early in 2016.adventurefreq2header

You can learn more about all of Caine’s creative endeavors at:

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