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Jim Zoetewey writes The Legion of Nothing. Jim grew up in Holland, Michigan, near where L Frank Baum wrote The Wizard of Oz. Admittedly, Baum moved away more than sixty years before Jim was even born, but it’s still kind of cool. He majored in religion and sociology at Hope College, eventually getting a masters in sociology and all but three credits of a masters in Information Systems. He also enjoys running, training in the martial arts, playing bass guitar, and walking his dog. Oh... And for readers who might be his wife, he feels that he should mention that he's fond of her too.

Cover Reveal: Legion of Nothing

The next Legion of Nothing book is coming out in early December. I'm just waiting on two illustrations. Click through and see the new cover after you vote and help raise the profile of the Legion of Nothing online serial on Top Web Fiction.

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Collective of Heroes

Some of you might have been wondering about the big banner on the bottom of the Pen and Cape Society web site. If you haven't, I'll take a moment and let you scroll down to the bottom of the web site. Waiting... Waiting... And here you are. The banner leads to both the main website [...]

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Violence: A Personal Reflection

I'd been planning to write something anyway since PCS members are required to write four articles for the blog each year, but Christopher Wright's article on writing combat made me think I had something to add. First off, I should mention that despite Chris' caveats about how the way he writes combat does not necessarily [...]

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Superhero Week

In the interest of making people aware of fun, interesting and relevant things, I thought I'd let you know about Vaguely Circular's Superhero Week. Vaguely Circular is a blog devoted to writing, and this week it will be devoted specifically to superheroes. In their words: What is superhero week? It’s a flash event hosted by [...]

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Origin Story: Jim Zoetewey

There's a long and a short answer to the question of why I started writing superhero prose fiction. Here's the short answer: I thought it would be unpublishable. That's generally the opposite reason would be writers start writing anything, but you'll be amused to learn that this one rests on some fairly solid logic--providing certain [...]

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