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Christopher B. Wright is the author and publisher of Curveball, a monthly serial in "prose comic" format. A self styled "self-publishing supervillain" and noted authority on his own opinions, he never met a windmill he didn't want to tilt.

Curveball’s First Year is Free to All

These days there's always a certain level of risk involved when you take on a new author. Sure, it might be great -- you might be swept away into a brand new world, caught up in a fantastic story, gripped by the trials and tribulations of the characters as you watch them struggle -- on [...]

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Why You Maybe Should Go See Batman vs. Superman

I went to go see Batman vs. Superman this Sunday. I did this in spite of everything I’d heard about it: the reviews were almost uniformly negative, with critics savaging Henry Cavill’s joyless performance of Superman, Ben Affleck’s hyper-broodish performance of Batman, Jesse Eisenberg’s hyper, almost Jokerish take on Lex Luthor, and an apparently confusing [...]

By | 2016-03-28T12:39:56+00:00 March 28th, 2016|Christopher B. Wright|2 Comments

Introducing the Pen and Cape Society

A few months ago I joined The Pen and Cape Society. “What is that?” I hear you ask. Well it’s a group—a posse, if you will—of writers who create superhero fiction. The website describes it as “a collection of superhero fiction authors dedicated to cross-promotion and increasing awareness of the genre.” I create superhero fiction, [...]

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