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R.J. Ross is the author of the Cape High Series on Amazon. Books, Facebook, Blog

Yes, I Have a Big Cast

Do you know, I honestly don’t know how many characters there are in the Cape High universe. There’s a ton of them, that’s for sure! I’ve got teens, I’ve got parents, I’ve got super villains, I’ve got one character that’s THREE characters (she’s a duplicator.) I’ve got five different branches, with five different leaders, and [...]

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Cape High Book 12 is out!

      This is the part where I introduce myself. My name is Justin Gregory, better known as just Justin. I am seventeen years old, and I was a famous teen idol for a while before I lost control of my powers in the middle of a concert. That got me landed in a [...]

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Steampunk Time: Cape High book 7 is out!

    "I have brought a super child," Tatiana announces. "I do not know where she comes from, but she is one of us. Until we can return her to her parents, I will be taking care of her."     "Wait, wait, wait," Blackjack says, getting up from where he was lounging on a couch. "You can't [...]

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Aces Wild: Cape High Book Six is out!

Today Aces Wild, Book Six of the Cape High Series is now officially out!  You can get it here! "Yes, Dad, I slammed his fist in a locker for no reason," I drawl.  "For crying out loud, I'm not stupid!  I haven't done anything that might inconvenience you and Mom while you're ripping up the [...]

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Writing Series: Flexibility

I am a serial writer. I do my work in the shadows, with an evil little smile on my face and a row of disturbing tools on the table behind me--okay, I'm lying. There's no tools. But the little smile? Well, that one's true more often than not. I enjoy what I do, a lot. [...]

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Love at First Write

Wow, this is new! I actually know what to call this one! Welcome, everybody, to my second lesson--Love at First Write. I like to write these little articles from a perspective of "I've been there." With this one, though, I have to say, "I still do this." I'm trying to break the habit, though. We [...]

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Heroes and Hardasses

I'm so sick of reading books about girls falling hard for an arrogant douche who treats her like shit. Authors, we're better than this. ~ Cheyanne Young, Twitter. So what do I call this little article? Bad Boys and Bad Boyfriends? I would if this were a YA group. How about Dominance and Douchebaggery? Or [...]

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The Not-So-Secret Origin of Me

The Not-So-Secret Origin of Me R.J. Ross There aren’t many female writers in the super hero genre. I mean, I’ve seen a handful of them on Amazon, and obviously there’s Cheyanne and me in the PCS, but overall? The world of super hero novels is a man’s world. This is the part where I start [...]

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