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About Palladian

I've been a reader for about as long as I could see, and a writer since I was old enough to pick up a pen.

Wonder Woman as a Mythological Hero

When watching the film Wonder Woman, I was struck at the time that although Wonder Woman is indeed a superhero in the modern sense, the movie actually sets her up as a mythological hero, the kind you see a lot of if you have an interest in Greek mythology. Warning: spoilers abound in the following [...]

By | July 8th, 2017|Palladian, Review|Comments Off on Wonder Woman as a Mythological Hero

Colossal and the Idea of the Unlikely Superhero

I saw the movie Colossal over the weekend, and highly recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of kaiju cinema or superheroes, and maybe even just independent film, because it was great. The movie got me thinking of the tradition in some circles of the unlikely superhero, and although I won’t give many film details, [...]

By | April 23rd, 2017|appearances, Palladian, Review|Comments Off on Colossal and the Idea of the Unlikely Superhero

Magic as a Superpower

I really enjoyed watching Marvel’s recent release of Doctor Strange to the movie world, and it got me thinking about other things I’ve read or watched regarding the treatment of magic or magical powers in the superhero world. I remember discussing with my husband as we were waiting to see the movie how Dr. Strange’s [...]

By | December 31st, 2016|On Writing, Palladian, Writing Tips|Comments Off on Magic as a Superpower

Cover Reveal – Super: Exile

Hey, everyone! I am super excited to do a reveal of the cover art for my latest book, Super: Exile, the third in the Super: Series. I think my artist outdid herself this time, and it's gorgeous. This book is scheduled to be available for sale in mid-December 2016, and I can't wait to see [...]

By | December 4th, 2016|Book Series, Cover Art, New Release, Palladian, Serial|Comments Off on Cover Reveal – Super: Exile

Junior League for Writers: Fanfiction

Are you interested in getting others to see your writing, but are feeling shy about simply jumping into publishing your own serial, or independently publishing your work? If so, I’d like to recommend you try fanfiction first, as a way to dip your toes into the water and get feedback on your writing. My experience [...]

By | August 28th, 2016|On Writing, Palladian, Writing Tips|Comments Off on Junior League for Writers: Fanfiction

A Case of Identity

There have been a number of things in the news lately that have caused me to think a lot on the subject of identity, including the upswing in the coverage of the concerns of trans people. With that in my mind, I started realizing how prevalent the question of identity is in superhero storylines. In [...]

By | June 4th, 2016|On Writing, Palladian, PCS Heroes|1 Comment

Cover Reveal – Super: Underground

I have a lot to be thankful for today, and not one of the least things is that I received the cover art for my next e-book, Super: Underground! As usual, my artist did a great job of bringing my guys to life. The way things are shaping up, it seems like the book will [...]

By | November 26th, 2015|Book Series, Cover Art, New Release, Palladian|Comments Off on Cover Reveal – Super: Underground

Editing, Condensed

When I first began editing a book with intention to publish, I had no idea what to do, or what to look for, so I went to one of my favorite places to find information these days, the internet! I found a whole lot of advice there, some good, some not, but the place I [...]

By | October 25th, 2015|Book Series, Palladian, Writing Tips|Comments Off on Editing, Condensed

Super: Idea Behind

When I first got the idea, years ago, for the serial that I’m now writing as Super, it came to me as what a lot of people might think of as more of a “traditional” superhero tale, with supervillains and lots of big, showy fights. After the first few attempts to write it ended up [...]

By | August 15th, 2015|Book Series, Palladian, Serial|Comments Off on Super: Idea Behind