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Drew Hayes is the author of the web-serials Super Powereds and Corpies at DrewHayesNovels.com.

Making Opportunity

In the last few months, I caved to a friend’s suggestion and got an account at Audible.com. Since then, pretty much every drive I take over five minutes long results in me turning off the radio and firing up a book. Here’s the thing though: I can’t listen to books that are novels or stories. [...]

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Indie vs. Traditional Publishing: The Pre-Release

               As many of you may remember, in late 2013 I signed with REUTS Publishing for my first non-indie book: The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, The Vampire Accountant. That book is actually due to come out in July 2014, having been in development for the last several months. This [...]

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NPCs Sneak Preview

As some of you know, next week (May 14th 2014) my newest book goes on sale. Tomorrow there will be a sneak preview on my personal blog, but I decided to treat you wonderful folks who read PCS to a day early peek. Here is the first chapter from NPCs, available on e-book and print [...]

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Things That Surprised Me About Being Self-Employed

So, as many of you know, for the last 6 months or so I’ve been spending all my time working full-time on books, meaning I’ve been effectively working from home for half a year. Despite what many people, myself included, think about this situation, it actually turns out to be a lot different than I [...]

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Be Available

We have, in my admittedly non-humble opinion, a ridiculously impressive cast of writers here at The Pen and Cape Society. Web-Serialists, Novelists, and people who straddle both with incredible skill. When the group was being conceptualized, I don’t think any of us would have imagined that it could grow into a place with such talent [...]

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WriMo TipsMo

Since I'm currently on Day 17 of a NaNo project, posted for all the world to see, I thought it only appropriate that this week's post be a rerun on my advice for those doing NaNo WriMo. I've had to use a few of my own tips this week, so ideally they'll be a bit a boon to [...]

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Making an E-Book

     If you’re one of the millions of tech-unsavvy people in the world, like myself, then the prospect of doing anything with heavy computer use can be somewhat daunting. A little over a year ago, I found myself facing one of the biggest challenges I’d dealt with in a while: converting Super Powereds: Year [...]

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Play A Game

Every now and then, I get asked is for general advice about writing. Not how to set up sentence structure or how to spot typos (obviously), but just how to be a better writer overall. Anyone who read my last post on writing knows that if I could say one thing it would be this: [...]

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Live-Novel Outline

For anyone who missed my site announcement here, in April I'll be live-writing a novel. Below is the first look at the title and outline for that project. Enjoy your sneak peek at: Topher Nightshade vs. Camp Undead Apocalypse   Outline   Ghost Hunters   Topher Nightshade: Host of Spooks & Shit, a web-series dedicated [...]

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On and Of Origin Stories

                This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you good folks about how I became a superhero author, but that’s something of a tough thing to pin down. Yes, I know when I decided to write my main superhero story, Super Powereds. I recall quite well the day inspiration struck. It came, oddly [...]

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