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Drew Hayes is the author of the web-serials Super Powereds and Corpies at DrewHayesNovels.com.

Fighting Burnout

              Having worked jobs that required me to be nocturnal, travel across states every week, and put in fourteen hours a day, I am well acquainted with the concept of burnout. I know the rest of you are too, it’s pretty much a universal concept. And yes, I mean truly universal, because as much as [...]

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What Comes Next: Drew’s Rules For Sequels

Occasionally, someone will e-mail me asking whether or not a book they liked is getting a sequel. Within that small subset, there are a couple that ask the more general question of what determines which books get sequels. And the truth is, despite the fly-by-the-pants mentality I seem to work by, there’s a set of [...]

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From Web-Serial to Book

Hey all. My name is Drew Hayes, and I’m here to talk to you about drinking responsibly… while working in an office. (Off-stage whisper) Really? They want to hear about that? But I had this whole bit about making liquor injected donuts. (More off-stage whispering) Well, alright, I guess we’ll give them what they want. [...]

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When To Go Pro

We’re going to start this blog with a Big Disclaimer: In the following paragraphs I’ll be discussing, at length, a lot of differences between writers and what I’m going to call “professional writers.” As previously discussed, I don’t really go in for talking about writers like we’re in different tiers, and neither I nor anyone else [...]

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Picking a Platform (Squarespace vs. WordPress)

 I got an interesting e-mail a few days ago, one that has prompted the discussion for this week’s blog. No, it was not a glowing review coupled with an offer to turn my books into array of movies and fill my bank account enough that even my driver could have his own cocaine fountain. Good [...]

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Handling Criticism

               Gather round, my fellow authors, painters, performers, and artists of all ilks. Gather and let us discuss one of the intrinsic caveats of being someone who creates: criticism. Comments, reviews, e-mails, take your pick; once you’ve put writing out into the world you’re going to get feedback from [...]

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Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 13

“God, I hate going to the Super Powereds universe. It’s nothing but kegstands and screwing,” Willow sighed. “Still, just in case things go to pot, better to try and nab Doc Omni as early as possible. That way we at least have other options to fall back on.” Willow looked from Gem to the box, [...]

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Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 10

                Though the pain had faded, her head was still foggy as she listened to the two men speaking. From the way their voices faded in, Willow realized she must have slipped out of consciousness at some point in the jump. She tested her limbs and found them bound, [...]

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Super Choice Adventure: Chapter 1

              Willow had barely gotten her boots on, clunky purple things that they were, when the phone blared its purposely obnoxious ringtone through her apartment. This wasn’t anything like the pleasant sounds her civilian cell phone made, a series of beats that were designed to gently call for attention without disturbing those around. No, this was [...]

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Working In The Arts

              I realized this week that I’m coming up on a year of doing the writing thing full-time, which is super awesome and also means I better make it work because my resume now has a giant gap in it. I’ll do a post about the experience as a whole [...]

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