The Pen and Cape Society is always looking for enthusiastic new members. As a group, we support the writing community by contributing with our own expertise and skills, we work to bring more awareness and popularity to the superhero genre, and we aid one another to become the best authors we can be.

If you’re interested in joining our community, you must meet the following guidelines:

  • A body of original published work (internet or traditional) that cumulatively equals 50,000 words, form regardless.
  • Understand this is a group about helping each other and cross-promotion, and agrees to contribute in that spirit by being an active member of the group.
  • Understand that by joining the PCS, you will be expected to write four articles a year that contribute to the spirit of the PCS, to be posted to the website at your convenience.

If you meet the guidelines, then the next step is to be invited to the group by a current PCS member in good standing. Your membership proposal will be brought to a vote, and if approved, you’ll be the newest member of the Pen and Cape Society.

For further information, please see the PCS Charter which outlines all the rules and responsibilities of membership here.